Visualize and localize your entire fleet in Real-Time



With Maptrack Fleet tracking and control, manage your entire fleet in one application.

Access comprehensive information, data on real-time location,  time and travel distance, vehicles and fleet status and time of use.

Action can now be taken for informed decisions, save time and money planning your fleet better.

For enterprise with a fleet of vehicles on the road, MapTrack is your ALL IN ONE solution.

Benefits of using MapTrack fleet control

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Fleet Monitoring

MapTrack enables to monitor the vehicles’ location, speed, fuel consumption and level, route history and changes. Easily record the time workflow and fuel efficiency while driving.
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Easy to Install Monitoring System

MapTrack tracking system is easily adapts to any types of vehicles. Get online access to your fleet informations using your smartphone, computer or tablet.
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Easy Fleet Management

Access your fleet and vehicles operations reports anytime and over any periods of time. Analyse your fleet fuel consumption, route, fuel efficiency while of driving reports and security.
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Improve Fleet Management

MapTrack is the opportunity to evaluate your fleet in various dimensions and optimize it. The solutions function with an unlimited numbers of vehicles and users.