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With the Maptrack Family Control you can keep an eye on your family and friends, set a virtual fence for your kids, see where your friends are, all in real-time.

MapTrack has gathered the features to make sure you take care of your loved ones all day long, anywhere.

Benefits of using MapTrack family control

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Child Safety

Child safety is constantly on every parent’s mind. MapTrack makes it easy to know your child’s location, and make sure your kids are safe. Are they at school? On a field trip? On their way home? Did they make it safe home?

MapTrack family locator tracker answer all these safety questions telling you where your child is anytime, anywhere.

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You’re in Control

As parents, we want to keep our children safe from harm. You can’t phone them every time asking where are you now? So keeping track of your child’s location can be critical to your peace of mind. MapTrack family locator tracker takes care of this for you, letting you know where your loved ones are anytime.
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Family Safety

MapTrack family locator tracker is designed to help with the family. The Tracker provides instant communication with family members locating them in real-time. It’s easy to set family alerts for emergencies with the tracker.